stageflowersHearts were filled with excitement and joy as Doane Baptist Seminary students held a Vacation Bible School seminar March 18–20. Thirty-two pastors, Bible women, young people, and members from churches in the Visayas also joined as trainees. Some of them were chosen as guest evaluators of the student teachers assigned to demonstrate teaching a song, Bible story, Bible verse, handcraft, or game to beginners, primaries, juniors, youth, and adults.

Participants were divided into two big groups. Each group was divided into subgroups of 12–16 people. The subgroup presentations were made into a contest to encourage this year’s theme, “BugZone: Transformed by Our Big God,” which featured Joshua, Gideon, Naomi and Ruth, Zacchaeus, and Saul of Tarsus. These people’s lives were transformed when they believed in God and let Him lead their lives.

VBS training is not just about singing new songs, playing games, or entertaining children. It is learning about God and His Word, showing others how God changes a sinful and ugly life into a clean and beautiful life, how to give their best, and how to share their creativity to get everyone involved.