Liverpool inlineA church in England extended its thanks to Gospel Literature Services after receiving free Regular Baptist Press Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum. The church writes:

Because we have a large age span and are a small church, we pick one age group (i.e., Primary) for Sunday School materials and, for Wednesday nights, use Middler or Pre-Primary materials, depending on the group of children. We also have a 2s and 3s class at the same time as the other and run special weekend programs or VBS using the RBP materials.

These have been such a blessing, as I have six children, and homeschooling does not give me time to create teaching materials!

We have mostly new converts in our church, so the easy layout of the curriculum has allowed us to use some teachers who don’t have prior experience with teaching the Bible or working with children. Also, we loved getting the VBS kits. We share the VBS packets with other local missionaries when we are done with them.

Thank you for your time and this ministry.

Andrea Mansfield
Liverpool, England