Manipur_inlineThe Fellowship of Fundamental Biblical Baptist Churches in Manipur, India, regularly receives Regular Baptist Press Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials from Gospel Literature Services. Pastor Khongsai says, “We are so grateful for GLS and your ministry of sending Sunday School/VBS materials to us. God has used them especially in the life of one girl, as she previously was worshiping Satan. Thirty-nine also came to know Christ in our recent VBS.”

Miss Kholneikim, 15 years old, comes from a nominal Christian family in very poor living conditions. She has two sisters and two brothers. She loves to read and sing. She was a member of a Satanic church for almost three months in 2013. “By God’s grace, she obeyed her parents and left that deadly church,” Pastor Khongsai says.

This year she attended VBS, which used RBP materials, at Kangpokpi Mission High March 26–30. She heard the gospel for three days. On March 30, she trusted Christ as her Savior. Her eldest sister is still following the Satanic church. But Miss Kholneikim continues to follow the Lord.