Regular Baptist Press International regularly sends free Sunday School materials, Vacation Bible School programs, and books, all published by Regular Baptist Press, to churches and ministries around the world who need them. A recent recipient was the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Ghana. Missionary Dan Wells sends the following thank-you letter.

It has been going very well as God seems to be opening doors with providing us with very valuable information about the need for a technical school. The school would be used for training Ghanians technically but focused on introducing them to Christ as they are trained. Please pray as we begin to consider and plan for 2018 Vacation Bible School. Chris Hindal with Regular Baptist Press International provided us with an awesome blessing. We will be receiving 77 NKJV VBS kits to use in Ghana. I have shared that with our pastors here, and we are all so very excited and extremely blessed by this. Please continue to pray for all in need. God is faithful!

Dan Wells, Oxford Baptist Church, Oxford, Michigan
Working with Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches
Accra, Ghana, West Africa