Final touches to an orphanage being built in Kenya are to be completed Sept. 20—earlier than expected.

“I am totally satisfied with the construction as truly they have done a great work,” says David Osoyi. “The director of the construction company is a born again believer and has made our work very easy with little supervision. Building prices are skyrocketing due to the weak shilling but he never complained.” David Osoyi, pastor of Independent Faith Baptist Churches of Kenya, and his wife, Esther, have been caring for 39 children in their church building. The new orphanage will have 12 rooms that will accommodate up to 30 children, as recommended by the Kenya government’s department for children.

Construction of the orphanage has been made possible by children around the world who donated to the “Operation Love: Kenya” missions project in Regular Baptist Press’s 2010 VBS program.