Regular Baptist Press International regularly sends free Sunday School materials, Vacation Bible School programs, and books, all published by Regular Baptist Press, to developing ministries around the world. Recent recipients were John and Bev Leonard, missionaries to Brazil. They send the following thank-you letter.

The 2s & 3s materials that you sent to us are here!!! Just received them today, and we could not be more thrilled! The timing could not be more perfect. One of the reasons why I had asked for the materials is that we were trying to reach out to a sharp young couple that had been attending our church and had talked about being in the States and seeing how nice the Sunday School material was there for the children. They speak English, and I told them I would see if I could get some for them to help teach their little boy, since he also likes to speak English and we are considering starting an English class for the little ones. I am happy to tell you that that couple (Andre and Vilma) are now a vital part of our ministry at Sao Pedro. He is a deacon, and she was just elected the head of our children’s ministries and started officially yesterday! She will be so excited to see this material!

Thank you again!

John and Bev Leonard
Missionaries in Brazil