Biblical Baptist Churches of Myanmar Mission is led by its founder and president, Dr. Thawng Za Mung. This multifaceted ministry, headquartered in Yangon, Myanamr, includes a church planting ministry, a Bible training school, a nursing school, a small store supplying basic first-aid and medical supplies, and a weekly clinic. The goal of this ministry is to produce servants of the Lord who will live out the gospel in whatever area of life they pursue.

Multiple tribes and dialects in Myanmar present a challenge to the international partners to collaborate and cooperate. Though most people have a basic understanding of Burmese, they rely on their own tribal dialects for usual communication. When a conference gathering is a mixed people group, then the common language is Burmese.

Several of Dr. Thawng Za Mung’s children have participated in a translation project of Regular Baptist Press Sunday School curriculum. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, met with his daughters, Mary and Rebekah, on Monday, March 27. Mary completed translating one quarter of a teacher’s manual for primary-age children into Burmese. She explained that while most of the residents of Yangon speak Tedim, children’s classes will be mixed, so she felt the Burmese translation would be the most helpful. She plans to contextualize the materials with Asian photos and illustrations.

Chris Hindal agreed to raise $1,000 to print a first run of 1,000 copies. If sales demonstrate a demand, Mary agreed to pursue the translation of a second quarter and print it with proceeds from the initial sales.

If you would like to help provide this resource so Burmese teachers can more effectively reach the children of Myanmar, donate online, by phone, or by mail, marking your gift International Printing Operations. When we participate, we reap eternal rewards.