Jamaica flag inlineRegular Baptist Press materials are the “help and support we need,” says Sonia Baines of Cedar Grove Baptist Church in St. Catherine, Jamaica. Gospel Literature Services sent this church RBP materials to use in its Sunday School classes for children, young people, and adults. She says of the resources, “I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Sonia teaches a class of juniors. “So often as a teacher I am rebuked, blessed, encouraged, reminded, comforted, etc., by the lessons,” she says. And other teachers in her church feel the same way. “The teacher of the adult class is forever sharing in our Bible study how much the lessons have been a blessing to him, and that’s only two classes.

“We are and will be eternally grateful for your provision of these material. . . . It is our prayer that your ministry will continue to be blessed by Almighty God as you continue to spread His word throughout the world.”