I have Gospel Journey from March to May 2010 to upper Myanmar close near the boundary of Myanmar and India. The risky Gospel Journey was sacrificial work for Christ and to spread the gospel truth. I think and believe that the Sunday School ministry is the very important and effective gospel to spread to all nations, tribes, and races in the whole Myanmar because the Myanmar letter is official language. Everyone in the whole country of Myanmar can read, write, and speak Myanmar. So we ought to print and to spread the Sunday School lessons in Myanmar to rapid the gospel of Christ and to be fulfilled the Great Commission.

God’s Word, Primaries, “God Cares for Us and Help Us Teacher” (Fall Quarter 2005) is already finished the translation work. We honestly pray funds to print for it. Thank God to give me a partner of sister Deb Hindal and GARBC & IPFBM to spread the truth gospel through the Sunday School ministry in the whole country and all the nations of Myanmar.

I here attach the risky Gospel Journey and Sunday School ministry, teachers’ training teached by daughter Mary Man Ngaih Hau (Sunday School suprintendent) during the Gospel Journey. Our commitment and prayer is to evangelize by training Sunday School teachers to every part of Myanmar yearly February–April during  three months of summer vocation. There is no rain and a dry season, the best season for gospel trip. Please pray for our commitment to be fulfilled.

Always love and prayers,

In His service,

Dr. Mung Joseph