May 2008

What a joy of mine to keep giving you good news! Last month I told you that my family and I are now at full support for our basic ministry needs. We still need to raise funds for individual projects as they come along, but the committed monthly support is at 100 percent.
Now I have more good news to share with you. The Brown family will be adding an extra family member to its roster come September. We found out a couple of months ago that we are expecting a new baby, and we learned just recently that it will be a boy. That brings the number of boys and girls to a tie. We are thankful for how God works, and we’re anticipating His being our strength in all of this. We are still working on a name for our new son.
Exciting news related to our digital media ministry is that the ESL CD masters are in China undergoing testing and will be duplicated soon for the Olympic Games this summer. Although the GLS trip to China has been cancelled, we still want to help our Christian brothers use this opportunity to share the gospel with others. We designed a “Learn Conversational English” interactive video CD that has been encrypted and is ready for distribution. I was so excited to provide these tools for our Chinese brothers to help them share the gospel with a lost world. These CDs are easy to give out, are completely thorough in their gospel message, and provide for a follow-up from the viewer at a secure Web site.

Please continue to pray for the effective use of these CDs in China. And please also pray for Amy and me as we prepare for this new addition to our family. I would also ask you to pray for the Spanish training courses that we have teamed up with Baptist Church Planters to produce. There have been some complications for a recently scheduled class, so please pray that God will work out the details, as well as supply more funds to produce more classes after this one.
Thanks again for the opportunity you give us to serve the Lord through the GARBC International Ministries as the multimedia missionary, “Helping and Equipping Missionaries and National Pastors around the World with Technology to Reach the Lost for Christ.”

In His grip,
Chris Brown