The Biblical Baptist Partnership International (BBPI) (formerly International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM) provides a global partnership for fellowship, a testimony to Biblical Christian unity, encouragement to suffering churches, and a worldwide witness to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry of the IPFBM was conceived under the leadership of Dr. John Greening, national representative of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches. He says of it, “the IPFBM is a global coalition of like-minded independent Baptist ministries networking to more effectively carry out the Great Commission mandate of our Savior Jesus Christ.”

The churches of the GARBC approved this ministry in 1997. At that time they gave approval to search the world for Baptists and Baptist associations, where our missionaries had been for many years, and to seek a network or partnerships based on mutual convictions. We have discovered that there are hosts of such brethren who are doctrinally sound, separatist in their stand, evangelistic in their burden to reach lost people, and positionally anchored to the inspired Bible.

The work was begun without much international fanfare because we were stepping into unknown waters and wanted to be careful in bringing it to pass. But word is spreading and now many are seeking such a partnership.

Our objectives are to:
• Provide a haven of love and friendship for our brothers around the world
• Visibly portray a unity of spirit, doctrine, and testimony among Baptist believers
• Encourage one another to more effectively accomplish the Great Commission left to us by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19,20
• Prayerfully support our IPFBM partners in their times of persecution
• Challenge our GARBC churches to be of practical assistance to these new friends in their great needs
• Reach beyond the abstract concept of a “fellowship” to tangible initiatives in the implementation of the Commission assignment

The days ahead are in the hands of the Lord. Challenging days are ahead in America, and the church of Jesus Christ suffers persecution in many places around the world. An apathetic attitude lies like a wet blanket on many churches. But in spite of such end-of-the-age conditions, the hearts of our Baptist people still respond to the world of lost people and still reach out to assist in many practical ways.

True believers understand that the world–all of it–is a mission field, and we would hope by God’s grace to see the Partnership be a platform and demonstration to that world of the love of Christ.

The name was changed from IPFBM to BBPI – Biblical Baptist Partnership International in January 2020.

Please pray for the BBPI and the many partners around the world. Offerings of love would enable us to assist in projects that would help to bear one another’s burdens.