God’s Story is a resource that we have available to distribute globally in eight languages. The video covers the content of the entire Bible in a storytelling format. It does not quote the Bible word for word, but tells it as a loving father would tell his son the truths of God’s plan for mankind. This format comes in handy for those around the world who are illiterate. The 75-minute video covers creation to the resurrection of Christ. Each language version ends with an appropriate cultural approach prompting the viewer’s response to this good news of God’s Story. You may have this DVD personalized for your ministry. We will add your church’s contact information in the video and on the DVD label. These DVDs are available at cost for the media it takes to duplicate. In some situations it would be better for us to duplicate them, and in other cases it would be easier to send you one DVD and have you duplicate them in your country. God’s Story is available in English, Spanish, Romanian, Hindi, German, Thai, Nepali, and Telugu. Watch the English version below.