2020 Missions Offering

Feeling safe—feeling loved—these conditions are priceless! But many children around the world are not safe and do not have anyone to love them. It’s sad. Disease and war and crime have left many children in Myanmar, India, Haiti, Uganda, and Bangladesh without hope. They are orphans. That means their parents either died or have no way of caring for them. But orphanages provide hope to these boys and girls!

Every day, churches around the world show God’s mercy and love by caring for orphans. When you give to Operation Safe Harbor, you are helping these orphans too. You are saying “Jesus loves you!” in a way that counts.

  • An offering of $40 will cover a school uniform and the first month of school for an orphan.
  • An offering of $50 will provide an orphan with food for a month.
  • An offering of $70 will give two orphans a bunk bed so they don’t have to sleep on the floor.
  • An offering of $200 will provide an orphanage with a set of cookware to prepare food for boys and girls.

By giving to Operation Safe Harbor, you will have an important part in showing God’s mercy to needy children and in helping them learn about Jesus!