Reaching Children for Christ

The Problem: Children who live in the hilly, tribal part of Bangladesh get only about five years of education. If parents want their children to be educated beyond elementary school, they must send them away from home to a place where more schooling is available.

The Need: The Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches (BTABC) has started a Christian school and hostel in a place called Hebron. One hundred and fifty boys and girls have left their homes and are living at the hostel, but the buildings are old and badly in need of repair:

  • The school desperately needs a deep well to provide clean water for everyone.
  • The boys’ dormitory has no beds; the boys sleep on blankets on the concrete floor.
  • Sixty-five girls sleep in one room on wooden beds without any mattresses.
  • The dormitory needs to replace its leaking roofs with new tin roofs.

The Solution: More dormitory space and improved electricity are needed for all the children who want to come and learn. They need a primary school teacher. Our goal is to raise $30,000+ to help meet these needs! Assisting this school will allow the BTABC to turn their efforts toward education and reaching children in Bangladesh for Jesus!


2014 VBS Mission Offering Project - Operation Bangladesh

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