2022 Missions Offering

People around the world are hurting and need our help! They need an oasis to heal, be fed, and thrive. Children have lost parents and are now orphans. Others have lost their homes through a disaster like an earthquake or cyclone. Still others have lost their health through disease and pandemic. And some have been hurt because they love Jesus. Through Operation Oasis, you can provide much-needed relief to kids and families who have suffered great loss.

  • $50 will provide a child with food for a month.
  • $200 will give two orphans a bunk bed so they don’t have to sleep on the floor.
  • $500 will help a hurting person get the medical care he or she needs.
  • $1,000 will assist in the rebuilding of a home or church after a disaster.

When you help kids and families through crises, you help them learn about God’s love and goodness. Your compassion and giving will take care of their physical needs and point them to Jesus. Don’t miss out—be part of Operation Oasis: Shining God’s Goodness to Those in Crisis!


By contributing to this project, donors acknowledge that Regular Baptist International has full authority to apply contributions designated for this project to other purposes in the event the project is canceled or oversubscribed.