Eighty people joined together for the international luncheon on Wednesday, June 25, during the GARBC Conference in St. Petersburg, Fla. After a lovely meal, Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries, thanked the people for their support and prayers for the ministries worldwide.

Chris and his wife, Deb, visited Liberia the last couple weeks of April. Since Chris made several short videos on location during the trip, the GARBC Resource Center’s IT department incorporated them into a video that gave an overall view of ministry in Liberia. The video highlighted the 2013 VBS project that collected funds to build a Christian school in Mafla Town. The school building is under construction and is expected to open in time for school this fall.

Chris also challenged the luncheon attendees with the needs of a youth camp connected with the African Fundamental Baptist Mission near Gbarnga, about four hours north of the capital. Showing pictures on PowerPoint, Chris explained, “Camp is scheduled for August and it needs 32 mattresses plus 60 sheets and pillows for a total cost of $1,610. I am unapologetically asking you to make a sacrificial gift so these boys and girls can have a positive camp experience. Many of them will come to know Jesus.” God used the enthusiastic response of His people to exceed the goal with an offering of $1,750. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Four international guests were each given five minutes to present their ministry. Ruth Enosh presented via a video the ministry of Faith Baptist Church in Karnataka State in India. Her husband, J. D., planned to come to the conference, but at the last minute one of their village churches was ransacked by fanatical Hindus. They burned the Bibles, 10,000 tracts, and the furniture; stole the projector and musical instruments; and left the church in shambles. J. D. felt compelled to stay behind to minister to this congregation.

Dr. Chatla Devasahayam spoke of the extensive ministries and challenges of the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Nidumolu, South India. His son Wesley and wife, Sonya, and their two boys were also in attendance. Wesley is a student at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa.

Rev. Uttam Tripura gave a report of the ministries of the Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches in the Hill Tracts region. Uttam planned to show a video presentation, but en route to the conference, his luggage was stolen at the bus station in Dhaka, Bangladesh, including his clothes, computer, and presentation.

Rev. Mohan Kumar used PowerPoint to show the desperate needs of the abandoned children to whom Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministries shows compassion and faithfully presents the hope of the gospel. Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministries is located in Secunderabad, South India.

GARBC International Ministries spans 20 countries, includes 62 partnering associations, and represents 10,000 local churches. Contact Chris Hindal at chindal@garbc.org to have him present the International Ministries at your church. Your congregation will be challenged and blessed.