Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, and his wife, Deb, are currently visiting seven partnering associations in six East African countries. The Hindals first stopped Kenya, visiting Nairobi on Sept. 23 and then Bungoma on Sept. 25.

Upon their arrival in Bungoma, the Hindals toured a Christian high school with Pastor Cyrus Wanyonyi, president of Good Soil Baptist Churches International, an association that partners with Regular Baptist International. About 100 students crammed into the school’s only classroom to meet Chris and Deb. Chris greeted and encouraged the students, and he reminded their 14 teachers of the great potential they represent if they seek the Lord first in their lives.

The school, affiliated with the Kenyan association, needs to build two additional classrooms so all of the students can meet in one facility. Currently one class meets at the school, but the other two classes walk to neighboring facilities. Building two additional classrooms will cost about $14,000.

While in Kenya, Chris and Deb spoke at a two-day association conference that Pastor Wanyonyi and a committee had planned for pastors, pastors’ wives, and other church leaders. The conference on both days lasted from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Chris spoke three times each with an interpreter on the theme “Christ Loved the Church.” The second morning, Deb spoke to the ladies and answered their questions. Chris says the people were appreciative and expressed their thanks many times.

At the close of the conference, the Hindals met with the organizing committee, who expressed two specific needs. First, many orphans in the community need homes. Church members are willing to take these children in, but they need sponsors. Second, the nearest medical facility is nearly an hour away. Good Soil Baptist Churches International dreams of opening a medical dispensary that could provide first aid and basic medical care.

If you are interested in helping Good Soil Baptist Churches International build two classrooms, house orphans, or provide a medical dispensary, contact Chris Hindal at