Regular Baptist Press International (formerly Gospel Literature Services – GLS) exists to supply Biblical resources worldwide to enable developing Baptist ministries to fulfill the Great Commission. Due to the rising costs of shipping and the enormity of the task, Chris Hindal, Director of RBPI, is issuing a challenge to individuals, small groups, Sunday School classes, or local churches who will make a monthly commitment to underwrite the shipping expenses.

Almost every week Chris gets requests from pastors who desperately want to build up the believers in their congregations, but who simply do not have any material to help them with the task. The materials are available, but not the funds to ship it. Some congregations are willing to translate the material, and others can use it in English. Most of us in North America cannot imagine a culture where there is simply no Christian literature to assist believers on their spiritual journey. While many of us face financial challenges due to our Western lifestyle, we are blessed beyond the wildest dreams of our brothers and sisters in other lands.

May God be pleased to raise up a band of believers who love Him, love His people, love the lost for whom He died, and who will step up to the challenge. Will you consider supporting such a cause?

On the donation page, select “International shipping – #6097” as your designation, or send a check to:

Regular Baptist Ministries
Attn: International
PO Box 7321
Carol Stream, IL 60197-7321

Write “International shipping – #6097” on the memo line.