The Association of Regular Baptist Churches of Brazil met for its annual conference April 5–9 at the Iracema Falls Resort, a eco-tourist hotel in the jungle about two hours from Manaus in Presidente Figueiredo in the Amazonas state.  One hundred and forty messengers gathered to consider the theme “Pastoring the Church of God.” The conference featured great singing; reports of God’s work from five Bible schools as well as several mission agencies and missionaries; and each of the represented state fellowships. Two workshops were given each morning. Preachers blessed the hearts of the conferees in the evening sessions, focusing their messages on the theme.

During the business session on Wednesday, Chris Hindal was given about 30 minutes to present and answer questions concerning the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries for the consideration of the association. The following day, the board of officers presented the recommendation to proceed with an application. Much discussion followed, as this association does not “rubber stamp” anything. Finally the board decided with a strong vote to apply for partnership. As a new partner, the Brazil association will make a significant contribution to the partnership, not merely due to its quantity of 700 churches, but because of its commitment to missions around the world.

Ten years ago the IPFBM met strong resistance and was never given a hearing at a Brazil association meeting. The leadership at that time showed no interest, and the idea died. Last year missionary Mark Swedberg, director of Regular Baptist Press of Brazil, invited Chris Hindal to attend the conference sponsored by the Press to share the partnership idea with a small group of leaders. The idea was well received and the president, Pastor Almir, brought it to the full council. That paved the way for the invitation this year to present the Partnership to the Brazil association.

Praise the Lord for this important decision!

Chris would like to express special thanks to those who responded in short notice to fund this trip. You were used of the Lord to forge a new relationship that has great potential in the global harvest.