Ogden churchFirst Baptist Church of Ogden attracts various nationalities and effectively blends themOgden singing Jesus loves me 2 into a cohesive body in this ethnic neighborhood of Philadelphia. When Chris Hindal visited on Sunday, March 23, the congregation enthusiastically responded to his presentation of GARBC International Ministries.

Chris says, “I love helping people see how our brothers and sisters around the world are fulfilling the Great Commission. They routinely marvel at what our association is doing internationally.”

Ogden singing Jesus loves meTo highlight the mission’s emphasis of the day, the church arranged special music to sing Jesus Loves Me in seven languages.

Chris’s visit also reconnected him with Pastor Dan Hicks, a fellow student from seminary days. Pastor Hicks has served First Baptist Church for 34 years.

Praise God for an ethnically diverse congregation that reflects the demographics of its community and the diversity of the Body of Christ.