Pastor Dale Schatz and his wife, Gwen, started Heritage Baptist Church in Bella Vista, Arkansas, with two widows in 1991. Today the church has an attractive building beautifully situated in the Arkansas woodlands. In part because of the area’s demographics, the congregation has waxed and waned. Heritage Baptist has tried various methods of outreach, with moderate success. The church’s prayer is that visitors might return and eventually become a part of the congregation.

Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, visited Heritage Baptist on Sunday morning, Feb. 4. Though the gathering for Sunday School and the worship service was small, attendees enthusiastically embraced the challenge to pray for opportunities to have spiritual conversations with lost people. They also responded generously when they learned of the international impact of Regular Baptist Churches. Pastor Dale and Gwen graciously hosted Chris in their beautiful home both overnight and for Sunday dinner.

Pastor Max Bolin and his wife, Jean, agreed to shepherd the congregation of Grace Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for a short term. Three-plus years later, they believe it is time for the church to call a younger pastor with heart and vision. Pastor Max has committed to do all that he can to assist the church during this transition.

Chris Hindal shared Regular Baptist International with the congregation on Sunday night, Feb. 4. He still believes that the international ministry of the GARBC is the best-kept secret of the Regular Baptist fellowship. He is working hard to let the cat out of the bag.