Forest CityIn an effort to spread the word of the GARBC International Ministries, Chris Hindal spoke at Liberty Baptist Church, Dike IA on Sunday morning, April 12 and Calvary Baptist Church, Chatfield MN on Sunday evening. Pastor Randy Charlton pastors the church in Dike, but just went there in December, formerly pastoring the church in Chatfield. In both churches Chris experienced warmth in fellowship and enjoyed meeting the congregations. Pastor Randy and his wife, Rita, have endeared themselves to both congregations. Chris gave an overview of Gospel Literature Services and the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries in each church and both churches received an offering toward the ministry. The following Wednesday evening, in response to an invitation by Pastor Doug Farrell, Chris spoke at Calvary Baptist Church, Forest City, IA. The prayer meeting attendance was greater than many churches’ Sunday night service. After learning about the international ministries of their own association, the Forest City church gave a very generous offering to assist the ministries of their brothers and sisters around the world.