NYMem inlineFirst Baptist Church of Memphis, located in Elbridge, New York, enjoys the wonderful facility built for them by Continental Baptist Missions. After a devastating snowstorm collapsed the roof of their church in 2011, the congregation relocated and constructed a new building in 2013. Pastor Arthur George shepherded the church through that difficult time. He has now completed 28 years of service to this congregation.

On Sunday, April 3, Chris Hindal planned to present Regular Baptist International, of which he is director. That Sunday, everyone in the Syracuse area woke up to six to seven inches of snow on the ground and nearly whiteout conditions. Craig and Elaine Kennedy had hosted Chris Saturday night at their farm, only about two miles from the church. Though Sunday School had been canceled, not everyone got the last-minute word, so Chris presented Gospel Literature Services to a small group of about 25. Many more showed up for the morning worship service. Chris challenged them to share Christ locally and encouraged them by the efforts of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries.

(Chris and Deb Hindal have a personal connection to First Baptist Church. Deb’s father, Don Lumeree, pastored this church over 65 years ago, and Deb was born during that pastorate.)

On the afternoon of April 3, Chris traveled from Syracuse to Rochester to speak that evening at Faith Baptist Church. NY Rochester inlineThough the weather cut into the attendance, the pastor and congregation expressed great encouragement by learning of the international ministries of their own association. Pastor Joel Harriman notes, “It is easy to restrict in our mind the workings of God by only what we see locally, but this presentation really opens our eyes to see that God is powerfully building His church.”

Harriman’s wife was away, but he graciously hosted Chris Sunday evening. The fellowship they enjoyed proved to be a time of mutual benefit.