humble inlineHouston has experienced a challenging spring, as excessive rains have brought creeks and rivers over their banks. Consequences have included a few deaths and extensive property damage. Berean Baptist Church in Humble, a northern Houston suburb, suffered water damage as well, but not from the rain. A water pipe in the men’s restroom split, pushing about 2,100 gallons of water through the church building.

Pastor Albert Armitage called Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, this past week and told him the church would be meeting in the education building on Sunday and for the next month. That Sunday, May 1, Chris shared Regular Baptist International with the congregation in both the Sunday School hour and the worship service. Several people said they were encouraged by hearing what God is doing around the world. Pastor Armitage has served this congregation for 20 years. After church, several people met at a restaurant for continued fellowship.