KC inlineOlivet Baptist Church in Westwood, Kansas, follows the pastoral leadership of Pastor Bruce Anderson, who has served the church for about 25 years. His calm demeanor and faithful shepherding has endeared him to the hearts of the congregation.

Chris Hindal presented the ministries of GARBC International, of which he is director, during the Sunday School and morning service on Feb. 21. He emphasized the phenomenal work being carried out by national brothers and sisters, even in hostile environments. After the services, the missions committee asked Chris to join them for dinner and took the opportunity to ask pertinent questions. Chris says, “It was a delightful time in a relaxed setting along with wonderful Baptist cooking.”

Sunday night had a different feel, as Fellowship Baptist Church in Lawrence, Kansas, meets in a house in a residential area. The sign out front identifies the church. Pastor Stephen Skea works a second job to supplement his income. Chris interacted with the people as he gave an overview of the international ministries. The Sunday School kids had made cakes for the church to enjoy after the service.