marshall-inlineMarshall, Minnesota, is not a highly populated area. First Baptist Church, however, is an unusual ethnically diverse congregation. Pastor Greg Linscott faces the challenge of converging a white American population with an Asian group from the Karen tribe of Burma. This group immigrated to Marshall due to the recruiting efforts of a local turkey farm. Today over 300 Karen live in the Marshall area.

Chris Hindal presented Regular Baptist International in the worship service and the Sunday School hour on Sunday morning, Nov. 12. After dinner, he shared with about 125 Karen who gathered to worship in their own language. Chris’s words were translated and he showed pictures of the various Baptist church associations in Burma that partner together through the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries.

Chris says, “What a delight to be in an American church that recognizes their responsibility to make disciples of all people groups. They are making the effort to welcome and find ways to minister to the Karen tribe of Burma and I applaud them for it.”