Brookton inlineFirst Baptist Church, Newark Valley, New York has a long history of fellowship in the GARBC, dating back to March 3, 1937. Godly pastors have guided with a steady hand, keeping the church on a solid Biblical foundation. Pastor Ben Baker grew up attending the church and brings a fresh approach to the ministry.

Chris Hindal presented GARBC International Ministries, of which he is director, on Sunday, March 13. The Sunday School hour makes an ideal time to present Gospel Literature Services as the international distribution arm of Regular Baptist Press. Then Chris split his time during the morning service by preaching on the Great Commission and introducing the international partners and their engagement in the Lord’s directive. First Baptist actively supports many missionaries, most of whom Chris has visited on their fields.

On Sunday evening, Chris spoke at Brooktondale (New York) Baptist Church. Though the church is presently without a pastor, the deacons capably led the service. As Chris used PowerPoint to move from country to country, telling the stories of God’s work, an African lady in the congregation exclaimed, “That’s my country!” She was very excited to see pictures from Liberia, and afterward she and Chris visited extensively about locations and people familiar to both of them.

Both congregations are greatly encouraged to hear how God is using their association to partner with other associations of like faith and practice. Praise God that our national partners are also sending out missionaries to reach the unengaged peoples of the world.