Chris Hindal presented Regular Baptist International to  Shawnee Hills Baptist Church, Jamestown, Ohio, on Sunday morning, March 18. Pastor Dave Culver has led this congregation for the past four years. He and his wife, Carolyn, are much loved and respected.

The Culvers were called away for the weekend, as Dave’s father went Home to be with the Lord. Chris shared the ministry of Regular Baptist Press International during the Adult Bible Fellowship hour followed by preaching and a presentation of the international partnership during the morning service. The congregation took an offering for the Regular Baptist International. The missions committee, led by Dave McClure, invited Chris to join them for dinner. Following a wonderful meal, they spent about 30 minutes asking questions and discussing missions issues.

In Xenia, Ohio, Pastor David and Diana Conrad have faithfully served for 10 years at Calvary Baptist Church. The church recently expressed its appreciation by sending David on a study tour in Israel. Aligning with Diana’s desires, the church gave her a simultaneous trip to Florida to spend with her kids and grandkids.

On Sunday evening, March 18, Chris Hindal challenged the congregation with the Scriptures as well as Regular Baptist Ministries. Though the Sunday evening service is small in number, one person promised to give the funds for two pastors in India to purchase motorcycles. The Conrads graciously hosted Chris, and he sincerely enjoyed their fellowship.