Chris Hindal (left) serves with Pastor Peter Rahme at Inner West Baptist Church, Sydney, Australia.

Chris and Deb Hindal departed Jan. 28 for a ministry trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Chris, director of Regular Baptist International, will be exploring further partnerships in these countries and evaluating the effectiveness of Regular Baptist Press International.

Arriving in Sydney, the Hindals met up with ABWE missionaries Alan and Tara Mayhak, who then hosted the couple for four days. During the visit, the Mayhaks traveled with the Hindals through Greater Sydney, explaining the evangelical ministries and how they work together for the sake of the gospel. Chris says, “In a country where Bible Christianity is greatly marginalized, I was encouraged to learn how groups major on the gospel in their efforts to impact a culture.”

On Feb. 2 Chris preached at Inner West Baptist Church, a multiethnic church that meets in a Sydney school. Peter Rahme has been pastor of this church since he founded it in January 1989. Preaching from Psalm 145 on “The Potential of Praise,” Chris challenged the people to fill their lives with the praise of God.