Sahuaro Baptist Church, Tucson, Arizona, warmly welcomed Chris and Deb Hindal on Sunday, Sept. 17. Pastor Jim Kester gave Chris the opportunity to present Regular Baptist Press International during Sunday School, as well as preach a message and present the International Partnership during the morning worship service.

Recently the church switched its weekly youth program from Awana to Kids4Truth Clubs, published by Regular Baptist Press. The church learned of this new RBP program at this year’s GARBC Conference, where Marrena Ralph, clubs program specialist, presented the curriculum as a workshop. Lisa Kester, wife of Pastor Jim Kester, took the information back to her church, which decided to adopt the program. Lisa states, “We have had many questions, and Marrena has been a great resource as we established the club.”

Elsa Walter—a church member and Lisa Kester’s mother—anticipated the Hindals’ arrival, as she had previously attended Daniels Road Baptist Church, Fort Myers, Florida, in the winter. Chris formerly served there as pastor. In the providence of God, Elsa stepped into Heaven the Friday night before the Hindals arrived.

During their visit to the church, the Hindals enjoyed the fellowship and overnight hospitality of Wes and Jerry Guthals and joined the church family for dinner after the morning service.