Daniels Road Baptist Church in Fort Myers, Florida, serves much like a sending church for Chris and Deb Hindal. The Hindals retain their membership in this church, which Chris formerly pastored. The congregation supports their former pastor both financially and in prayer.

The Hindals returned to Daniels Road Baptist Church on Sunday, May 21, to bring an update of Regular Baptist International, of which Chris is director. Pastor Mike Banks graciously welcomed the Hindals and affirmed his support. Chris used PowerPoint during the Sunday School hour to help the congregation understand the worldwide scope of the ministry. Playing a short video during the morning service filled in the blanks for those who missed Sunday School.

Under Pastor Mike’s direction, the church took a generous love offering for the Hindals’ ministry. Pastor Banks and his wife, Kelley, and daughter Phoebe, along with some friends, had dinner together, providing further opportunity for the Hindals to get acquainted with the Bankses. Chris states, “Not every pastor is warmly welcomed at his former church, and we do not take this for granted. We count it a great blessing.”