Pastor Dale Williams has led Emmanuel Baptist Church in Warrenville, located in Naperville, Ill., for 22 years. He invited Chris Hindal to present GARBC International Ministries on Sunday, Feb. 19.

Chris began the day by teaching the junior high/senior high Sunday School class on Hinduism in conjunction with their study of the Regular Baptist Press curriculum “Shattering the Deception” on cults and world religions.

Then, as part of the announcements in the worship service, he played a DVD giving an overview of Gospel Literature Services and the International Partnership. He also preached that morning and presented the ministries through PowerPoint in the evening.

Chris expressed his appreciation for this church, saying the members are “generous in their support of missions and demonstrated it with a wonderful offering and kind remarks concerning the ministry.”

Two members in particular have supported the International Ministries in a unique way. Fifteen-year-old Erin Jordan and her grandmother Audrey Jordan make summer dresses for orphan girls in Haiti. Read their story in “Dresses for Haiti Orphans.”