The report of Regular Baptist International by Director Chris Hindal began with a video capturing the expansion of Gospel Literature Services and highlighting the name change from GLS to Regular Baptist Press International. Hindal reported on two aspects of this ministry: RBPI India printed its second round of Vacation Bible School curriculum for the churches in India, while RBPI China is scheduled to print Kids4Truth Clubs materials in an English-Chinese parallel format in 2018. He also announced the third All-Partners Conference scheduled for Nov. 6–10, 2017, near Manila, Philippines. A gift of $150 will sponsor a pastor. Donors can give by check or online to Regular Baptist International with the memo “International Conference.”

Hindal was accompanied on the platform by six international guests representing partners in the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. He introduced each one using his Christian name, taken from the Bible. From the African Fundamental Baptist Mission in Liberia, West Africa, came Pastors Jesse, Philemon, Aaron, and Thomas. The Association of Soul Winning Baptist Churches in Liberia sent Pastor Joseph. And Pastor Moses Chatla represented the Indian Christian Bethel Baptist Gospel Fellowship in Nidumolu, South India.