Samson Sathish Divakar, executive director of Beacon Baptist Ministries in Tamilnadu, India, sends the following letter about professors and pastors from the United States who taught at Beacon Baptist Theological College and Seminary in India:

We had Dr. Roger McCarty [pastor of First Baptist Community Church, Monte Sereno, California] teach the book of Daniel, then Dr. Marc Wooten teach theology of culture, and then Dr. Erskine Dodson [associate professor with TRI-M Mobile Module Ministry] teach homiletics and expository preaching. What a blessing these servants of God have been. Dr. McCarty even visited one of our monthly Bible clubs in Ayyur village. We ensure quality education to our students, and both national, and visiting professors from overseas provide such education. One need our students have is their dorms need closets or wardrobes. Each wardrobe costs $750. We have 14 rooms.

Rev. Samson Sathish Divakar
Beacon Baptist Ministries
Tamilnadu, India