Samson Sathish Divakar is executive director of Beacon Baptist Ministries, Tamilnadu, India. He writes about a recent trip to share the gospel with, literally, the unclean, whom he calls “people of darkness.”

A team of seven drove through a 30-mile stretch of 280 miles of forest near Hosur to reach Irulur. The road up to the forest was good, and the trail through the forest was bumpy. This was the second trip to share the gospel with these people of darkness. These villagers live off the forest; they neither shower nor change their clothes and do not groom their hair. We decided to give laundry soap bars, body washing soap, and coconut hair oil to 120 people who gathered to hear the gospel. Several of the older ones wanted to be prayed over for God’s blessings and various needs. We wish we had more time with them, but they had to go for work.

We had planned to visit another village, but the Hindu militant group opposed us, and hence we went to Ayyur village. The people in Ayyur village were receptive and we could share the gospel with 50 children and a few grown-ups. I shared with them the nativity story. Then we gave these children books, pencils, and eatables. There is a possibility for us to continue our ministry among Ayyur village people.

Samson (Sathish) and Helen Divakar
Beacon Baptist Ministries
Tamilnadu, India