Samson Sathish Divakar is executive director of Beacon Baptist Ministries, Tamilnadu, India. He sends the following letter.

You prayed with us for God to open a door to reach people for Christ in and around Hosur, and the Lord did hear our prayers. We were able to share the gospel with children in Ayyur, Irulur, Siddalingakottai, Bangalore, and Belgaum through Vacation Bible School. While we were teaching children, their parents and grandparents flocked around us to hear the gospel very attentively. We thank the Lord for saving 36 children out of 350 children who attended VBS.

The Lord showed us the need to reach youth. India’s youth population is 28 percent of 1.33 billion, making it the largest in the world. We had a youth retreat in Ayyur on May 27, and out of 70 attendees, 20 accepted Christ. We praise God for saving these youth.

Rev. Samson Sathish Divakar
Beacon Baptist Ministries
Tamilnadu, India