Regular Baptist Press International sends free Sunday School materials, Vacation Bible School programs, and books, all published by Regular Baptist Press, to churches and ministries around the world who need them.

A recent recipient of Sunday School curriculum was Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association in East Africa. “The material is very essential here in Malawi because most of the children are able to memorize verses from the Bible easily and the teachers are growing spiritually,” says Macdonily Kafer. “We sometimes give them gifts if they have memorized more verses. We are planning to buy some Bibles which we want to distribute to all children, who will make it as competition.”

Macdonily is the widow of Laban Limbanga, former president of the Ntchisi association. She thanks Regular Baptist Press International and donors who make shipping the resources possible.

Macdonily Kafer
Ntchisi Independent Baptist Association
Ntchisi, Malawi, East Africa