Pau inlineAfter ministering in Myanmar for seven years, Dr. Mang Cin Pau baptized his first converts to Christianity. He is pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar, and writes the following letter.

I am glad to write and inform you that my ministry of church planting among the Burmese people has been blessed by our God, and five young Burmese ladies and girls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I baptized them on April 10. They are from a Buddhist background.

After my seven years of sowing the precious gospel seed, God has now enabled me to baptize people. I really praise God for this. Dr. Adoniram Judson won one soul in six years, but as for me it has taken seven years. As a hymn says, “The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows.”

My church is fully engaged in and committed to soul winning in Myanmar. Please do remember us in your prayers. The harvest in Myanmar/Burma is ripened and plentiful, and we need more harvesters.

I have been using the Sunday School materials you have provided me in the past, and your literature is also edifying the body of Christ.

Dr. Mang Cin Pau
Ambassador Baptist Church
Yangon, Myanmar, Asia