press inline group“Praise God for the wonderful blessings we received during VBS!” says H. C. Stephen, director of the New Testament Baptist Churches Association in Churachandpur, Manipur, India.

The association led Vacation Bible School for 990 children, using the Regular Baptist VBS program “Castle Kids: Choosing to Serve the King.” About 200 kids received Christ as their Savior. The program is the first to be printed by Regular Baptist Press International, a recently launched publishing venture that will print Christian education resources in India.

press inline kids“Our hearts are full of gratitude for the materials that were printed in India by the newly established Regular Baptist Press International, the committed speakers, the counsellors, the teachers, the worship team, and the helpers at the office and class rooms,” Stephen says. “Pray that the seed (Word of God) that has been sown during VBS would bear fruit even in the coming days. God is so good as always! Everyone is looking forward to next year’s VBS!”