John Nascimento is a Brazilian missionary to Guyana, South America. Regular Baptist Press International recently sent him Vacation Bible School materials published by Regular Baptist Press. He sends the following letter regarding VBS, as well as his news that he has been named chairman of the Association of Regular Baptist Churches in Guyana.

We, the Association of Regular Baptist Churches in Guyana, are holding VBS this week. We concluded ours at Emmaus Baptist, and next week Kitty Baptist will start theirs, and in August, Baptist in Village 73 will start one as well. The Regular Baptist Press materials you have sent will be used.

I have been recently voted the new chairman for the Association of Regular Baptist Churches in Guyana. Pastor Cadogan stepped down, as he feels it was somebody else’s time to lead the body. I personally believe he has done a great job over the years and I feel I am not prepared for such a big responsibility, and I pray God will give wisdom and grace.

I would like to, in the name of our association, express our immense gratitude for all these years Regular Baptist International has been a great support for us. Thank you! I look forward to further developing our partnership for years to come.

May God bless you and strengthen you as you labour for the Master, encouraging churches all over the globe.

Pastor John Nascimento
Association of Baptist Churches of Guyana
Georetown, Guyana, South America