Prasad Sakile of the New Life Regular Baptist Society, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India 2012 228India, has conducted Sunday School teachers’ training camps and distributed 724 sets of Regular Baptist Press materials. He visited each teacher to follow up the training. He is planning to conduct another training camp for two districts in this area.

translatorsIn 2011 Prasad attended the All-India IPFBM conference and there dedicated his life to translating Regular Baptist Press Sunday School materials into Telegu. For 90 days he and three others worked from dawn til dusk to complete one year of primary materials.

This association of churches, led by Prasad’s father, John, regularly meets for church services despite their lack of a church building. The association has purchased property in a rural area but now needs to construct a facility. GARBC International Ministries is coming alongside to help with funding. See Building Project for India to learn how you can finish project