In a Jamaican church that itself was the recipient of others’ generosity, its leaders and children in VBS have given to others in need. Darliston Baptist Church, Westmoreland, Jamaica, took an offering during its Vacation Bible School to contribute to the building of a home for children in Kenya.

A local church in Jamaica had donated its 2010 VBS materials, RBP’s SeaQuest: Diving for God’s Treasure, to the Westmoreland church. During the week students learned to recognize that each person is a unique treasure, created and loved by God. They were also challenged to give God first place in their lives and to use their God-given treasures of time, talents, and money to serve Him. But the week went beyond learning about giving to doing.

Through the program’s “Operation Love: Kenya” missions project, facilitated by the GARBC International Ministries, students collected an offering to build a home for orphans. Missions stories, posters, and a video helped children visualize the impact of their giving. “Pastor David Osoyi and his wife, Esther, have brought 39 children into the church building to feed them, clothe them, love them, and take care of them,” Director Chris Hindal tells children. “Living in the church building means the children sleep on mats on the floor. . . . What they really need is a house.”

After compiling their money, the children had collected approximately $3,000 in Jamaican currency. “This amount was exchanged to purchase forty dollars American ($40.00),” explains VBS Director Florence Thompson.

The children of Darliston Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School were thankful to be involved in contributing to the ongoing work in Kenya. And just as they were helping change others’ lives, their own lives were transformed as well. “The lessons and activities were right on target for our church community,” Florence says. Seven individuals made professions of faith, and a number of others recommitted their lives to Christ.