Known around the world for its tragedies, Bangladesh is the target of seemingly constant natural disasters. A few years ago, Cyclone Sidr left thousands dead and millions homeless. But the God of storms is also the God of life. And time after time He has used literature to bring life. As relief work began in cyclone-devastated areas of this small South Asian country, refugees grabbed up tracts, books, and Bibles.

He Who gives life also gives answers. A jobless man worried, “Why is there so much trouble in the world? How can I get peace in my heart?” Seeing a cheap packet of tracts, the title “Here’s Your Answer” grabbed his attention. The Prince of Peace drew him close.

Unfortunately, few Bangladeshis have excess money for tracts; in fact, they struggle to feed their families in their poor, overpopulated country. How can we distribute this literature to the widest audience? And how can we encourage Christians to buy a handful of tracts for their friends and coworkers? Gospel Literature Services is enabling Bangladesh’s Literature Division to sell tracts significantly below cost and to reprint the tracts when all are sold.

Together let’s pray, “Your kingdom come; Your will be done”—through literature.