Judith Guarte is a Filipino missionary serving in Cambodia with the Philippine Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. Student centers and camps are two primary locations of evangelism. Specifically, LIFE Camp provides free English education and ministers to over 300 people each year.

When God moves, we stand in awe, fear, and worship. Calamities, death, and destruction all over the world nowadays make our hearts and minds weak, fearful, and sick at times, but the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those we minister to and in our own lives as well, along with the hope that is in us, give us the strength and courage to move forward knowing that all this has a happy ending of forever bliss.

Please pray with us earnestly for the following:

LIFE Camp Thailand: LIFE Camp is scheduled next week, and five from Cambodia are invited to attend for further training for LIFE Camp Cambodia. But Thailand is facing the challenges of flooding in about half of the provinces now, and the worst is expected this weekend in Bangkok. God divided the Red Sea before; He can stop the flooding in Thailand as He wills. Let’s pray for His intervention.

Evangelism and Medical Missions: Next week a team of four from Australia and the Philippines will come and, with several of us here, will minister to students, missionaries, believers, and unbelievers through evangelism, encouragement, medical care, and edification from the Word. Please pray that the rain will stop and the sun will come up to dry the roads for us to easily pass through. Yesterday I rode the motorbike out of Samaky for an errand about two kilometers away. Halfway to the main road, the dirt road was all water before me. Not sure where the deep holes were, I turned back, lacking the courage to wade into that water.

Kratie Ministry: On Oct. 20 we will go to Kratie (Kruchie), a province at the border of Vietnam and Cambodia that is the adopted outreach of Samaky church. The couple serving there came to study the Bible with us for two months before LIFE Camp. And during LIFE Camp last August, they brought eight people; all of them prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. The other week, the wife brought a sick friend who she’s been helping with medical checkups, and now she’s at a “Healing Home” that the Lord led us to. The couple are leading worship in their area and teaching the Khmer language to the village people. Now they are eagerly waiting for us to come to hold corporate worship with them, evangelize their people, teach children, and provide medical checkups for the sick. Please pray for good weather, wisdom for the team, safety, provision of medicine, and other needs for this mission.

Teacher Training: A Filipino teacher who is training for missions will come to Samaky Nov. 4 and 5. She will train our leaders in classroom management and in using songs and games for teaching. Please pray that the local leaders, as well as our teacher prospects around Samaky village, will be able to attend.

Samaky Community Kindergarten: Please continue to pray for the salvation of the local teacher, her family, and the students. I continue to help in the mornings, teaching English and doing whatever I can to help the teacher and the school. The school is struggling with lack of funds to pay the teacher, high cost of water system (now its own connection), and maintenance, but the school goes on each day with more students coming.

Travel Safety: Praise the Lord for providing us a “tuk-tuk,” a Cambodian rickshaw, to use, and for the Lord’s daily spiritual, material, and safety sustenance in travels. Accidents remain one of the main causes of death in the country. Last month and this month, four people from around Samaky village were in motorbike accidents on two different occasions; three died. (I ride the motorbike only here in the village, not to the city on my own.)

May the Lord answer our prayers, bless the partnership, and continue to use and work through us in building His Kingdom by reaching out to the lost and edifying His people for His honor and glory.

Blessings to all of you!

Judith Guarte

(Special Note: IPFBM helped finance this tuk tuk for Judith’s ministry.)