Regular Baptist Press International sends free Sunday School materials, Vacation Bible School programs, and books, all published by Regular Baptist Press, to churches and ministries around the world who need them.

A recent recipient was Ambassador Baptist Church in Yangon, Myanmar, led by Pastor Mang Cin Pau.

“Since I received the RBP materials, I followed and used them for my Sunday School classes, and they are so beneficial and constructive to our church education,” Dr. Pau says.

“Due to COVID-19, we stopped going to church since April 2020, and I’ll resume whenever the Lord opens the door for us to worship in church.”

A family attending Ambassador Baptist Church in Myanmar receives rice, cooking oil, and other food necessities.

Myanmar is a developing country, Dr. Pau notes. “When COVID-19 hit the world, it caused us to suffer more difficulty in life.”

The 50 families who attend his church have needed daily help obtaining food since April 2020.

“I’ve tried to support the needs of my church families,” Dr. Pau says, but they still lack food. “The main need for us is rice and cooking oil. Normally a family can survive one month with a bag of rice.”

“Please do pray for us,” Dr. Pau says. “Any help given to God’s people who are in need of help will be greatly appreciated.”