Thanks to donations sent to Regular Baptist International, the printing of English-Myanmar Theological Dictionary, a book by Mang Cin Pau, is now complete. Pau is pastor of Ambassador Baptist Church, Yangon, Myanmar. His church hosted a dedication of the book on March 10, with pastors in Yangon attending.

Pau expresses his “grateful thanks” to donors who supported the cost of printing the book. The donations enabled him to print 1,000 copies.

“I believe that this book will bring a great impact and benefits to the Baptist pastors, their churches, and Bible seminaries in various parts of Myanmar,” he says.

In addition to ministering to believers through his book, Pau is also committed to sharing the gospel with unbelievers. “My church is faithfully sharing the gospel among the unreached people in Myanmar, and please do pray for us,” he says. “Church planting is so urgent and important in Myanmar. I thank God that my church is growing and God saves and adds new believers in my church.”