I want you to praise with me what our Lord had done this summer. This was a very, very hot summer, with mercury touching 116.6 F. . . . It was very good time for us to win many souls for the Lord. We had Vacation Bible School teachers trainings in four places and 168 teachers were trained, so that these trained teachers will be useful to us and to their own churches.

We had VBS in schools—there were 1,100 children—and from our local churches and slums 1,228 children attended. We visited hottest places in our state, and we had two family seminars there were 34 couples. One family was reunited; they have decided to take divorce, but God spoke to them and now they are happy to stay together. We had three seminars for pastors, and 85 pastors attended and it was blessing to them and as well to us.

We conducted three youth retreats. We could gather 169 youth attended and 96 youth accepted the Lord, when we had gospel meetings exclusively to young people. Lord gave chance to the people so that they will accept him. One lady passed away after the gospel meetings for she had a heart attack, but we praised Lord for she accepted the Lord!

We praise Lord for people like you are praying for us. The Lord protected us from horrible sunstroke and from many unseen dangers!

Jehovah-Jireh Baptist Ministry
Rev. M. Mohan Kumar
Secunderabad, India