image001Gospel Literature Services sent Regular Baptist Press Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials to the Regular Fundamental Baptist Churches Association in Manipur, India. Rev. Philemon Kamei, president of the association, writes:

We would like to thank you for your kindness and big heart in sending your Regular Baptist Press materials. We as a church use the materials that you send for different Sunday School classes (i.e., beginners, primary, junior, youth, and adult classes). These materials have been an immense help for us in our teachings and communication to the children especially.

We also use the materials for VBS. This year we conducted Vocation Bible School June 4–7 with RBP’s “Investigation Destination” program. Attendance was around 160 to 170 children, including many from Hindu, TRC (a newly formed religious group), and Roman Catholic families. Many children dedicated their lives to follow and love our Savior, Jesus Christ, and one young boy gave his testimony.

Praise God for His wonderful grace. Please do continue to pray for those children who accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Rev. Philemon Kamei, president
Regular Fundamental Baptist Churches Association
Manipur, India