A couple from First Baptist Church, Oxford, Michigan, is committed to teaching students in Ghana, West Africa, the Word of God, primarily through Vacation Bible School.

Dan and Anita Wells are missionaries to Ghana with Open Door Baptist Missions. The couple introduced the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Ghana to VBS in 2007 on the couple’s first trip to that country. Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist Press International (a ministry of Regular Baptist International), had sent the Wellses three large boxes filled with the “Set Sail: Spread the Good News” VBS materials published by Regular Baptist Press and allowed the couple to copy the materials as needed. Dan and Anita then shipped the materials to Ghana ahead of their trip. That first year, nearly 900 children accepted Christ as their Savior.

Since their 2007 trip, the Wellses have returned to Ghana several times and, each time, have used this same process of receiving and shipping Regular Baptist Press VBS resources. Recently Hindal sent Dan and Anita RBP’s “Over the Moat: Drawbridge to the King” VBS program, and the couple will soon ship the materials to Ghana for their July 2018 trip.

The Wellses open up their trips to youth and adults of like faith “to expose them to missions on the foreign field,” Dan says. Individuals participate between 10 days to six weeks, depending on their availability. “We desire to have a team of at least six but as large as 15 to participate with us,” Dan says. “We also go as just an immediate family of five if no one participates with us.”

On each trip, the couple, along with participating team members, visits several churches, hosting VBS programs and youth ministries for three days in each church. The three-day schedule leaves Dan free to preach in the church he and Anita are ministering to. Team members serve as teachers, teachers’ aids, game directors, and craft leaders. “Really, whatever talent God has given them we can use with the VBS and youth ministry,” Dan says. In addition, each member encounters every facet of foreign missions—including raising funds, preparing materials, and working hands-on with the local children and youth.

“We thank God for this vision of reaching the children of Ghana with the gospel of Jesus Christ,” says Josiah Abedu-Kennedy, vice president of the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in Ghana. “By the help of the Word of God, many of these kids—thousands of them—have come to accept Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Many of these kids have become members of their local churches, and . . . some of them are even pastors in full-time ministry for the Lord. We praise God for what Vacation Bible School . . . is doing in Ghana, West Africa.”

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