rag-picker-inlineIn Hyderabad, India, Veeru Paul of Serve to Save Ministries is reaching an often ignored group of children for Christ. He has taken on the challenge of sharing Christ with rag-picker children and their families.

Children as young as 5 years old from extremely poor families become rag pickers, collecting bottles, plastic, metal, and glass to sell to scrap dealers and earn income for their families. Most of these children, regardless of their age, never attend school and are illiterate.

But every Sunday more than 50 rag-picker children attend Sunday School taught by Serve to Save Ministries. The children sing songs and learn Bible lessons through materials sent by Regular Baptist Press International (formerly Gospel Literature Services). Veeru Paul is “continually praying” for the salvation of these children and their parents.

rag-picker-inline-2Serve to Save Ministries is also helping the children physically as well as spiritually. In June, the ministry gave the children schoolbooks, shoes, bags, and uniforms. Such things aid not only their education but also their health. Collecting items exposes these children to hazardous materials, making them susceptible to infections, tuberculosis, and cancer. They are also malnourished and, in effect, their growth is inhibited and they suffer from anemia.

Veeru Paul asks people to pray for the health, education, and salvation of rag-picker children and their families.